Refund Policy

Since you are not purchasing a product but making a voluntary monetary contribution, refunds are not usually applicable on any donations. However, Goodbook gives you an advantage of a refund on the donations made by you within a time frame of 24 hours from the time of transaction.

You can request a refund of donations by you within 24 hours of the transaction done and the entire amount will be refunded to your used payment method for that transaction or a bank account given and mandated by you as per availability and feasibility from Goodbook.

Refund Request Steps

  • Go to My Donations under ‘FAVOURITE’ section in the Goodbook App.
  • Open the donation, which you want to get refunded.
  • Press on the refund button.
  • The request must be raised withing 24 hours of your transaction. No refund request after 24 hours will be entertained, whatsoever.
  • If you are unable to request a refund from the App within 36 hours, the transaction is deemed complete.

Beyond 24 Hours Of Official Refund Period

Beyond 24 hours you can try to contact the organization to which you donated and request them for a refund. However, please note, the organization reserves 100% right for not doing any refund since it has paid a transaction fee and other charges, including their in-office expenses to collect and do accounting for that transaction.

In the highly unlikely event of the organization agreeing to refund an amount, solely it can decide the amount to be refunded (full or partial) after taking their expenses in account. Goodbook will play no role in any such refund request since they are beyond the purview of the official refund policy of Goodbook.

Digital Refund Request

Goodbook is a digital social network and a social media platform. All transactions are 100% digitally initiated and processed via the Goodbook app. Hence, Refund Requests are accepted only from the App itself.

Refund Turn Around Time

The official turnaround time for processing all eligible refund requests is 15 days.

However, Goodbook endeavours to process all eligible refund requests within 2-3 working / business days (i.e. Business Week = Monday to Friday; No bank holidays or Weekends).

Complains and Support

We try our best to ensure that every person using Goodbook should have a happy experience. However, if we do err and fail at times, you can email us at We put maximum efforts to address your concern.

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